LuLuLemon ABC pant *****

*****  Fit good, comfortable, and durable.  Would wear them everyday if my wife let me

These pants are awesome.  Lasted me a entire wedding season with no rips and tears and I'm now on my 2nd pair.  Only sign of wear in them is some fading,  and the left knee is slightly lighter ( i drop to my knee a lot, the left one lol)  I started using a $5 kneepad to help with that.  $5 kneepad to keep your $130 pants like new makes sense to me!

I wear these all the time,  even to the gym to work out,  Their kind of a skinny fit,  but their comfortable (ABC stands for anti ball crushing lol).  Im not that tall so I have the regular length,  but if you buy it at the store,  they helm it and mail it you for free.

I seriously went through pants monthly before spending the $130 on these, and have never looked back.

You can buy it here $130

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