Nike SFB Field Boot 6"

****  (almost perfect, If they created a way for these to slip on and off faster id give it 5 stars)

The problem is,  dressy shoes are not comfortable, and comfortable shoes don't last that long in a wedding photography environment.  Here is my solution,  a black kinda dressy looking shoe thats super durable and comfortable.

I love this boot,  I wear it just about every shoot.  So far its lasted over 1 wedding season ( and thats says a lot).  Add in the Super feet insole and say goodbye to foot pain.  My one wish is that it had a zipper on the side,  for those times where i need to take my shoes on and off quickly.  Its kinda like putting on a pair converse. 

My feet rarely ever hurt,  I feel like when I'm walking i got a good solid support under me,  and their also easy to clean.  Us photographers and wedding photographers walk in all sorts of terrain and dust on a black tennis shoes is almost impossible to clean off

You can buy it here

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