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Can a picture be perfect straight out of camera? Yes. Are you always gonna have time to make those adjustments? No....

One of the most important parts of the wedding post process, "color correction" is kind of a confusing term in the photography world, so I wanted to show you an extreme example of what we do. Simply put, we adjust and correct for continuity of White Balance, Color Temperature, Brightness & Exposure, Hue, Saturation, Black Points, and Contrast.

Throughout the day a photographer is challenged with a variety of lighting conditions, settings and situations while shooting a live wedding. That’s why photographers usually shoot more pictures than they need. Before delivery to the customer, it is important to synchronize these pictures with the story and mood they wanted to convey as well as adding in their unique style.

With Carino & Co. , after the culling process, you get each and every photo color corrected and delivered to you as what we call a proof. This is the base of where the categorizing and retouching process begin.

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