6 years ago,  I was warehouseman working in a distribution center like i did 10 years prior.  

If you would have asked me 6 years ago what i thought id be doing today,  a wedding photographer wouldn't even have come up in the conversation.  The way my life did a complete 180 6 years ago  

Its a juggling act with tasks that require full concentration for days at a time.Over the years,  as much as I plan, as much as I strive to do things better,  So, what is it that I do everyday?  What keeps me so busy?  Why does it take so dang long to get my photos back?

Lets start with the actual photography part of things.

     1 hr shoot

         1-3 hrs of communication.  Questions about who, what , where , when 

         1 hr to prep 

         1 hr to drive to location

         1 hr to do the shoot

         1 hr to drive home

    and now, part 2,  the editing

         editing a 1 hr shoot.  ( most editing requires 1-3 hours of post processing work per hour)

Now the business side

      Sales -  Have to make time every week to have meetings with future potential clients.  Most of the time with these meetings need to be priority.  If you can't meet, clients move on

     Marketing - Noone is going to call you, if they don't know you exist.  Got to make time to figure how your gonna get into peoples heads

     Finance -   Now that you've got an interested client.  Now you have to make time to get all the contracts and invoicing out of the way.  

And now the Family side.

     One of the main reasons I'm a full time photographer was so I can be there to watch my daughter grow up.  I lose sight of this sometimes.  Just because I'm home,  doesn't mean I'm present.  



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