Standard Editing Process for Weddings

November 4th, 2013

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Edit - The Definition of Edited photo at Carino & Co is simply the act of selecting the best photos out of the thousands of photos taken.  

Color Correcting <--- Click for more info.   For this level of service, we adjust and correct for continuity of White Balance, Color Temperature, Brightness & Exposure levels, Hue, Saturation, Black Points, and Contrast.

Digital Negatives - Think about what film negatives are.. Small, unedited, easy to store, with lots of potential. Digital negatives are the same way. These files have had very minor tweaking (if any), no retouching, no resizing. They are a blank canvas, with lots of potential, if you know how to use them. However, digital negatives are NOT the images you see in our portfolio, in our albums, and on our blog. The photos we present have had extensive editing.

Phase 1 Retouch - includes cropping, rotating, add or subtract saturation, clarity and vibrance

Phase 2 Retouch-  Includes professional Photoshop techniques such as: facial retouching, swapping eyes in group photos, hair retouching or removal, blemish removal, skin smoothing efforts, replacement or removal of objects (i.e., signs, straps, cars, distracting elements, etc.). 

Signature Retouch- These are the photos that you mostly see on our blogs and portfolios.  Creatively edited to really stand out and a lot of time is taken to ensure each photo is edited to perfection.  This Included black and whites,  high contrast photos that pop,  and simply, just works of art.  Perfect for that wall portrait, or if ordering a wedding album

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